My Child is Out of Their Infant Seat - How Long Should They Ride in a Booster Seat?
Children over 40 pounds OR who have reached the upper weight limit of their car seat's harness system, must use a booster seat until they are 4'9
How should car seats be installed for infants?
From birth to at least age 1 and 20 lbs., use a rear-facing car seat. Use your rear-facing car seat longer if the seat has higher weight and height limits. Take the next step to a forward-facing car seat when your child is at least one year old and you answer YES to either question:- Does your child exceed the car seat's rear-facing height and weight limits? - Is your child's head within one inch of the car seat top? For more information on child passenger safety and car seat clincs in your area, see the links below.
How can I tell when my child has outgrown his child safety seat?
Children should ride in safety seats with a complete harness system as long as possible. Most seats with a harness fit children up to 40 pounds, but a tall, thin child may outgrow a seat with a harnass before 40 pounds.If your child's shoulders are above the harnass or your child's ears are above the top of the seat, try a combination child seat/booster with higher strap slots. The harness in a combination seat may be used up to 40 pounds; then it is removed so the seat can be used as a belt-positioning booster.
What about cars with only lap belts in the back seat?
Never use a booster seat with only a lap belt! Although two shoulder belts have been required in vehicle back seats since 1989, many families have cars with lap-only belts in the center or older cars with no rear shoulder belts.
Can car seats and helmets be recycled?
Legacy Health System's Sustainability Department offers recycling outdated and/or damaged car safety seats and helmets. This is a new program offered free to the community. For additional information contact Tammy Franks Child Passenger Safety Coordinator Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital Legacy Women's Services 503.413.4005
Where can I get a car seat safety check?
Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will check car seats for correct installation, damage, recalls, and size and age appropriateness. Find a calendar of events at Oregon Impact and ODOT - All check-up events are tentative due to weather.